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The Paleo + Pelagica Museum

of Natural Science

300 E. 5th Street

(exit 52 (CR10), off I-25, between Pueblo & Trinidad)

Walsenburg, Colorado

tele.:  281.728.8926/  719.738.2471

Mission Statement:

"The purpose of the Paleo + Pelagica Museum is to enlighten and entertain the public with scientifically important and visually exciting materials related to the preservation and advancement of the earth sciences, with special emphasis on marine creatures and ocean environments, both paleontological and contemporary, promotion of ocean conservation awareness and education, along with providing opportunities for the public to participate in the "hands-on" experience of scientific fieldwork."

From the Latin words for "paleo", meaning "involving or dealing with

ancient forms or conditions", and "pelagious", "of, or belonging to the

(open) sea", the name "Paleo + Pelagica" was born!


Dubai Aquarium 2012                                                                Photographs by A. Stanley

The museum is closed for the winter.

Plans are to re-open May 2015, featuring upgraded and expanded exhibits and two new exhibits: The Barrande Lithograph Collection including Barrandean trilobites, collected in the Czech Republic by Dr. Riccardo Levi-Setti, and, the Riccardo Levi-Setti Ammonite Collection!



Friend of the Museum, Dr. Riccardo Levi-Setti's new book on trilobites is out now and autographed copies are available for sale, in the Museum Shop!


"Team Trilobite"  had an awesome time with Riccardo, at the Tucson Show!

"Team Trilobite" caps are now for sale in the museum shop, as well!


Please visit us on Facebook for updates as to the Museum's progress and the latest plans & accomplishments!




Ms. Anna Stanley, founder and Executive Director of the organization, has been working for the past fifteen years to establish the Museum, while she continues working as a successful Project Controls/ certified Project Management Professional consultant in the offshore, utilities, oil & gas  and petrochemical industries, enabling her to be the only source of funding up to now. Ms. Stanley also has extensive field and lab experience in paleontology, along with possessing a world-class fossil collection and library. Ms. Stanley’s career as a Project Controls Engineer has provided her with occasion to travel extensively, thereby affording her terrific opportunities to explore, collect and research paleontological sites, world wide. While on a job assignment in Prague, Czech Republic, Ms. Stanley visited many of the fossil localities made famous by the work of Joachim Barrande (d. 1883) along with visiting and studying museums in Spain, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Germany and Kazakhstan. Not to forget the "Pelagica" side, Ms. Stanley has worked and lived in St. Croix U.S.V.I, Aruba, Bahrain and Fahaheel, Kuwait (Persian Gulf), using that time to study marine creatures and their habitats, along with enhancing her knowledge and sea shell collection, and desire to promote education and awareness of reef and ocean conservation.


The Sanibel Island Collection, donated by Dr. Riccardo Levi-Setti


Carrier Shell with Sponge                                                                                                         Cup Coral


Horseshoe Crab

Ms. Stanley has established friendships with leaders in the field including Dr. Robert T. Bakker, internationally known dinosaur expert, speaker and author, and Riccardo Levi-Setti, (retired) former Director of the Fermi Institute of Physics, at the University of Chicago, and internationally recognized trilobite expert and author. Her field experience includes working with the Smithsonian Natural Science Museum and Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman, Montana, at Egg Mountain, several (5) summer sessions at Como Bluff, Wyoming with Dr. Bakker, three fossil expeditions deep into the Sahara Desert (Morocco and Algeria) with Dr. Levi-Setti, several underwater photography expeditions to St. Croix, U.S.V.I., Belize and Cozumel, Mexico,  and attending a tour to Machu Picchu, Peru, visiting archaeological sites and museums.



Riccardo & Anna                                                                                     Dr. Bob & Anna                                                                   Pete Larson & Anna (June 2010)

The P+PM has, since 1999, sponsored field trips for various youth and civic organizations, and continues to travel to various venues, displaying temporary, educational exhibits to promote the museum, to encourage interest in the natural sciences and to participate in fundraising opportunities.


                                    Brazos River trip –  Boy Scout Troop 483                                          

 Key Products and Services:                  

The Museum has possession and control over several significant collections, including several "one-of-a-kind" scientifically important specimens, as well as a large inventory of diverse and interesting items for sale in the Museum Shop.



















Texas Fossils, too!  












Here are a few things, found or acquired, in April 2009's expedition across the Sahara...



Fossil starfish 


                                                                             Crinoid plate & goniatites                          Acheulian & Neolithic tools


Other Proposed Exhibits and Activities:

Field Trips

Field trips shall be offered to the general public and various grades of school children with the intention of nurturing interest in all areas of natural history and sciences, as well as providing instruction in the fundamentals of fieldwork and collecting in a fun, safe and engaging environment.


Morocco (photograph by Pat Sword)                                                                                      "Morocco" wall

*** Next trip will be to Venice, Florida, to look/ dive for fossil shark teeth! ***


Living Paleo Lab

Trained volunteers and museum staff will be on hand, demonstrating fossil preparation techniques and answering queries, in an open lab environment.

Minerals & The Geology of the Spanish Peaks


In concert with the yearly, major fundraising event and membership campaign, "PaleoPalooza" will include Fun Runs, special children’s activities, adult workshops, vendor festivals, presentations and science-based competitions.

Research Library & Education Center

The PPM has received an extensive library gift, donated by the family of David S. Pettus, in his memory. This amazing collection of books includes reference volumes in paleontology, geology, mineralogy, geography and space exploration. Additional paleontology related books have been received from the estate of Rod Fleming. And recently, an amazing collection of NASA memorabilia from Hazel Fipps-Mann (Thanks to all!)

(Note: For anyone interested in doing their own research, so as to make their own informed decisions regarding the local Fracking issues, the museum has a significant amount of Oil and Gas exploration information, openly available for study during museum hours).

Touch Tables

Exhibits that encourage and promote "hands-on" exploration and interaction with specimens and science related activities.

Pliestocene material from around Corpus Christi, Texas

Seashells & Ocean Conservation Education

Museum Shop

 The Museum Shop contains interesting reasonably priced items from Morocco, South American, Madagascar, Czech and Russian fossil specimens and other museum related souvenir items. Also, several beautiful paleo-related t-shirts featuring graphics from rising paleo-artist, Russell J. Hawley.


The Paleo + Pelagica Museum is a member of:

Welcome to CWAM - Colorado-Wyoming Association of MuseumsColorado/ Wyoming Association Museums                                                AAPS, The Association of Applied Paleontological SciencesA.A.P.S.

......The History of Earth Sciences Society (H.E.S.S.)                               



Mountain-Plains Museums Association


For more information, please contact:

Anna Stanley PMP

Founder & Executive Director

The Paleo + Pelagica Museum, inc.

300 E. 5th Street

                                        Walsenburg, Colorado  81089

                                      tele.: 281.728.8926/  719.738.2471

                                        email: info@paleopelagicamuseum.com


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